I am an American doing my PhD in political economy at a university in Singapore. In about 3 years time, when I have completed my dissertation, the world will probably be reaching the (possibly bloody, certainly chaotic) apotheosis of the anti-elite, nativist, protectionist primal scream that began emanating from the fractured carcass of the West in 2016.

That means just as I am completing my doctorate, all of my particular skills - speaking 3 languages, specialized knowledge of Southeast Asia, fieldwork in multiple countries and years of scholarship on international trade policy - will be not only utterly useless, but will probably get me beaten up by the gangs of marauding mouth-breathers  who have inherited the phosphorescent orange wasteland of Donald Trump's Earth.

In the meantime, I am going to be keeping this blog so I have a place to jot down my thoughts and ideas. I will be posting about things that are of interest to me - movie reviews, travel, art, history, fiction, politics, etc. Whatever I feel like. 

Maybe you will find it interesting, too. Maybe not. Life is a rich tapestry.